Back Lighting for TV Studio

Examples of diagrams regarding safety and backlightingimagesspotlight 3-point-lighting-diagramThree_point_lighting_diagram.245121144_stdlight with filterBlue filter attached to lightLightnuseThis morning Andy Harrison discussed the use of Back lighting in the TV studio.Including 3 point lighting techniques which could prove useful in the production of the Spotlight Nottingham TV show.Andy set up the lights and ran through safety measures required in the studio discussing potential fire hazards if the lights were dropped.Also in the discussion it was mentioned  that a helmet should be worn at all times when climbing ladders to change light filters to avoid any potential head injury.

He also set up lights with different angles and this demonstrated subtle as well brighter light conditions.This was part of the 3 point lighting demonstration also.One member of the class sat on a chair in the centre of the studio whilst Andy set up the 3 lights to demonstrate the different effects which could be used with the 3  lights in certain positions.

For example ,If the lights are win an upright position this could give a subtle lighting effect .We had a brief run through of setting up lights and trying different filters. Red being prominent as the group have agreed to a red  backdrop.Filters can be attahed using pegs to hold them in place over the lights.Obviously the lights are very powerful so when they need to be disconnected from the mains sockets. It is essential that they are given time to cool down. Here are some examples in photograph form which i took earlier. The photographs are in no set order.

lighting 1

lighting 3

lighting 2Lightnuse Back light set up

tv sceen useView from the control roomuse this tv studiobox light filtersA selection of light filterslight control room equipment 2tv studio shot 2  tv studio use tv studio screens useControl room monitor view of backlit studio


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